Your Kids Don't Feel Happy, Confident and Connected?
Concerned with your child and not sure what to do?
  Questions about why your child or teen is stuck?


Who Is This For?
Parents Concerned With Their Kids
  • ​Wondering if there's a better way to help your child?
  • ​Worried your child or teen is anxious, sad or isolating?
  • ​Do you keep trying to help your child, but feel like you're stuck?
Parents With Kids Who Are Struggling
  • ​Struggling with helping your child feel or do better?
  • ​Is your child or teen having trouble in school?
  • ​Starting to feel like you're not sure what to do, and you just want to see them happy and confident?

We Are Selective With The Parents And Children We Work With...

In order to not waste your valuable time, money and effort, we are selective with which child-clients and parents we work with. We have found through experience that being selective with our clients is a crucial first step to ensure you get the results you want with your child. We want to ensure that you and your child have found the best counseling to help you!  
This Is Not For You If...
  •   You believe this is your child's issue, and you're not 100% willing to change your parenting. 
  • ​  You cannot commit to 4 Parent-Only sessions at the beginning of counseling.
  • ​  You're too busy or tired to do all the assigned work between sessions.
  • ​  The 'other' parent is not actively co-parenting with you, or believes counseling doesn't work.
  • ​  Your child is violent, self-harming or suicidal.


Who Am I?
I'm Kim McFarland
When I was 25 years old and fresh out of college with a masters degree, I started working with troubled foster kids.

Their situation was awful. It seemed like things could never change for them.

They couldn't say how they felt. They would isolate. They couldn't listen. They were almost unreachable.

They would scream at each other because inside they were hurting. They couldn't cope with all that had happened to them. All the change.

It made perfect sense why they were so out of control- they had been through so much. 

I felt helpless too. I felt so guilty that I couldn't do better with these poor kids! I felt like a failure as a new counselor. 

They were lost. And I was lost on how to help them.
And I'll Help You Find the Answers
One day, as I was trying to connect with these kids, this young-ish guy walks in smiling.

He plopped right down on the floor with them, picked up some toys and started playing and chatting away with these children. 

At first, I thought, "Oh yeah. Like that's gonna help...just play with them and they'll open right up, sure." 

But then as I watched, magic started to happen. 

As he played with them, and connected with them, these kids quickly fell under his spell: They calmed down; they came out of their shells; they listened with spell-bound attention, and he just chatted with them quietly.

In a few moments they were open, respectful and seemed like they felt better just about who they were.  

And then the guy just got up and strolled out.  He was like "Mr. Rogers" or "The Pied Piper of Kids", only in real life! My jaw just hung open...

And at that moment, I knew I wanted what he had. I wanted that kind of skill with kids that are having big problems. I wanted those results; and most, I wanted to be able to make kids feel like they belonged and were safe.

I took a chance and reached out to that counselor (a Registered Play Therapist) that day, and that decision changed my life.

Later, I went through the training, the supervision, and all the certifications to become a fully Registered Play Therapist- and later, a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor- a "teacher" of Registered Play Therapists.

I learned:

➤  How to help kids who were struggling

➤  How to nurture confidence and self-esteem in kids

➤  How to make bad behaviors disappear 

➤  How to make children feel deeply loved, respected and heard

➤  How to help a child have self-esteem, to be happy again

Later, it became my passion to teach parents how to use these same skills with their own children, and how to help their kids finally feel and do better. 

When kids feel better, they do better.

If this sounds like you, and you want your child to feel empowered, and you want to transform your relationship with them...

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What People Are Saying
"Kim is GREAT with my daughter. She is always open and willing to help out in anyway she can. I love that she includes us as parents without divulging session information."

-Female, age 36
"Kim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker known for her attentive listening, quick perception and deep compassion on many levels. She has extended her passion into play therapy that is utilized in her practice. She is by far one of the best and feel lucky to have the opportunity to see her work with myself and family. We would not be were we are as a family unit without her expertise."

-Female, age 38
"Kim McFarland guided me on this path. The tools she taught me will carry me throughout my life... I was alone, depressed, exhausted and who knows in what stage of grief.  I sought professional help.  I chose to take these sessions seriously and to do the work. Not always easy. My gift to my family is a healthy and independent me. Healthy of body, mind, spirit and emotions...I thought I knew myself. Now I found a path to know myself better."  

-Female, age 70
"Kim is really great with kids and adults alike. She makes you feel welcome, comfortable, & safe. She is an effective play therapist and she's worth driving from far away!"

-Female, age 36
"I highly recommend Kim McFarland's services. Her compassion and enthusiasm for helping people is really unmatched. Play therapy with her is life changing for the person in need and she performs her job with kindness and care."

-Female, age 42
"Kim is an amazing clinician and so wonderful, kind, witty and funny. You and your family will instantly connect with her. Highly recommended."

-Female, age 38
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